Battle Against Unemployment: Searching for Tulsa Jobs and Employment Opportunities

“Finding opportunities from Tulsa jobs listings isn’t an easy task, and because of widespread unemployment, it has become even more difficult. In fact, unemployment isn’t only a problem of adults, but also a problem faced by several teenagers looking to have a source of income, either to support their families or to pay for college education. Fortunately, there are established agencies like Barracuda Staffing that help skilled people find the right employer and line of work.

When searching for the best Tulsa, OK jobs make sure that you perfectly present yourself. For example, you should be ready with stories that would showcase your success or achievements. Also, give potential employers enough reasons on why they should hire you.”


New Buildings, New Hopes: Importance of Construction Jobs in Tulsa, OK

“The construction industry is an important factor in the country’s economy, as it basically provides shelter and employment to people. In fact, in the US, almost 7.3 million people depend on this industry, which is about 5 percent of its population. This industry is significant to a lot of people because it gives a chance to any type of skilled laborer to land construction jobs in Tulsa, OK.

The construction industry is connected to all the industries out there. For instance, when an entrepreneur is planning to expand his business, he’ll definitely need the help of construction workers to build his offices or establishments. Furthermore, even countries with an abundant supply of oil and gold can expect their economy to become stagnant without the contribution of the construction sector.”

What’s Love Got to Do with Finding Jobs in Tulsa?

“A day job was likely the farthest thing in Tina Turner’s mind when she asked “What’s love got to do with it?”, but with most things in life, love does play a factor even when it comes to employment. While there’s an increasing number of available jobs in Tulsa, some people may opt to skip on applying for them because it’s not their first choice for a career.

According to an article in, finding work that one can be happy in isn’t about landing the career he’s always dreamed of but his outlook on the job itself. While a person may not have control over the type of work he’s assigned, how he responds can make a difference.”

Finding Jobs in Tulsa, OK: As Easy As Listening to Confucius

“Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” While the idea is very appealing, the words have actually created a myth that following one’s passion is the key to having a great career, making day jobs appear low on everyone’s totem pole when searching for employment.

But according to Amy Gutman, more and more day jobs are receiving excitement, which means that with the right outlook, people may appreciate open jobs in Tulsa, OK that have long been looked down upon. She says that the renewed respect for day jobs is due to a new interpretation of Confucius’ quote, wherein people understand that work requires equal parts passion and stability.”

Former Servicemen Looking For Jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The US military is affected by the federal budget cuts that are being implemented. To mitigate their losses, some employees like former Army sergeant Matt Thompson are ordered to take Fridays off for the next three months, effectively cutting down their salary by 20%.

Oklahoma has a decent military presence in the form of Altus and Vance Air Force Bases housing training squadrons, Tinker AFB, and Fort Sill. What happened in JB Lewis-McChord may occur in Oklahoma as well despite having no military stationed in Tulsa. Fortunately, the good business environment of the said city can cater those who are seeking an alternate source of income while being in the military.”

Barracuda Staffing Helps Reduce Gender Gap in Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics made a survey about gender equality, and it showed that it is quite a problem in some workplaces. With that in mind, one should consider that not all companies share the same process as others and that there are several companies hiring employees who are appropriate for the job.

Finding the perfect job is never easy regardless of gender. That’s why companies such as Barracuda Staffing Inc. are helping people get off the unemployment line and find jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “