Looking for Jobs in Tulsa, OK: The Importance of Medical Benefits

As health care costs across the US continue to rise, some state governments might have to cut corners in the near future so that their budgets don’t get strained. This is true in Oklahoma, as Gov. Mary Fallin recently proposed a five percent reduction in the Oklahoma Health Care Authority’s (OHCA) budget for 2014. According to an article in The Republic, this would result in the OHCA operating on $47 million less this year than last year, despite the agency’s earlier request for an additional funding of $144 million this year.

This development should motivate those who are looking for gainful jobs in Tulsa, OK to put greater stock on the health benefits provided by prospective employers, knowing that state benefits may no longer be enough. Oklahomans who want better employment health care should consider working with direct hire agencies like Barracuda Staffing who can point them in the right direction.


Legislation for Better Tulsa Jobs Opportunities Coming in February

There is much optimism to be had, especially by folks who are still hoping to get back on the employment track. As Tim Talley of the Associated Press reports via The Washington Times, 2014 is looking to be a very good year for Tulsa jobs, and Oklahoma, in general.As it turns out, too, opening up of Tulsa, OK jobs, as well as in the rest of the state, are not the only new changes that should be expected.

Coming from a suspended discussion on the lowering of individual income tax from last year, it would appear that the legislators are now going to be better able at ironing out this detail.

A salary proposal for an increase of Oklahoma’s state workers is also set to be on the table when session opens next month, as well as a discussion on making some significant changes to the public pension systems.

Positive Outlook for More Jobs in Tulsa, OK Welcomes Locals This Year

It’s been a tough several years, but finally, things are definitely looking up for Tulsa locals eager to get back on the employment bandwagon. The positive projection is so certain, that even Tulsa Regional Chamber economist Bob Ball, affirms the belief that there will be an increase in the number of available jobs in Tulsa, OK this year.

This is certainly good news as more and more families aim to rebuild and recover after the nationwide weakening of the economy. As it stands, though, there already are employment centers, such as Barracuda Staffing Inc., who have remained steadfast in helping local folks find jobs in Tulsa.

Some of the industries that are expected to provide opportunities of employment would be construction, healthcare and more.