Putting Laid-off Workers on the Rebound with New Jobs in Tulsa, OK

A check of the job openings at your preferred placement provider may turn up some leads once you’ve turned in a copy of your resume. Consulting a recruitment specialist may also reveal if the skills you developed in the previous company are what your prospective employers need for their team. Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler explained that the 800 layoffs were from several departments including accounting, legal, and operations; 160 of the departures worked at other offices around the country.

A company processing applications for jobs in Tulsa may have some companies in need of people with a bigger wealth of experience. According to Helman, the layoff was the last act of a process that earlier saw 1,200 people separated from the firm, including a number of senior-level and management employees.


Sending the Unemployment Rate Further South with Quality Tulsa Jobs

A study of the industry numbers for February may compel business operators to think about which industry garners demand for additional personnel. The OESC data noted a 2,400-strong increase in people joining the government while the finance sector welcomed 1,200 fresh employees. Another 800 people landed miscellaneous jobs while 100 new workers joined the education and health services industries.

On the other side of the coin, certain industries took moderate hits after gaining ground for most of 2013, a fact that could spur recruitment services to immediately scramble for fresh talent. Businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry were forced to shed 900 people after hiring an additional 7,800. Things were bad for the mining/logging industries as well as the information sector– there were 800 fewer information jobs while mining/logging’s gain of 3,500 people was offset by 1,900 separations.