Marketing Yourself As a Professional for the best jobs in Tulsa

Use a professional sounding email address.

If you’re looking for a new job, you always want to put your best  foot forward. Many times, we can forget just how  unprofessional we are until it hits us in the face! For i  instance, take a look at your email address. Is it your  name or some ridiculous nickname? Take a listen to your  outgoing voicemail message. Does it sound like an  eloquent message that sounds like that of a professional or is it mumbling and full of slang?

First impressions are everything which is why it is important to take time to make sure you’re projecting a professional image on any format that a potential employer may see. This includes social websites as well such as Facebook and Twitter.  For additional advice, has the Job Search Toolkit in order to help you market yourself to potential employers. For high caliber Tulsa jobs , look to the personnel professionals at Barracuda Staffing. Barracuda Staffing is pleased to bring the very best jobs in Tulsa  to the hardest working employees in the area.


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