Marketing Yourself As a Professional for the best jobs in Tulsa

Use a professional sounding email address.

If you’re looking for a new job, you always want to put your best  foot forward. Many times, we can forget just how  unprofessional we are until it hits us in the face! For i  instance, take a look at your email address. Is it your  name or some ridiculous nickname? Take a listen to your  outgoing voicemail message. Does it sound like an  eloquent message that sounds like that of a professional or is it mumbling and full of slang?

First impressions are everything which is why it is important to take time to make sure you’re projecting a professional image on any format that a potential employer may see. This includes social websites as well such as Facebook and Twitter.  For additional advice, has the Job Search Toolkit in order to help you market yourself to potential employers. For high caliber Tulsa jobs , look to the personnel professionals at Barracuda Staffing. Barracuda Staffing is pleased to bring the very best jobs in Tulsa  to the hardest working employees in the area.


Applying for Jobs in Tulsa, OK? Age Doesn’t Matter, Experience Does


While it might take longer for anyone not in their 20s to find jobs in Tulsa, OK, there are several ways you can do to get this little snag out of the way.

In some industries, anyone who’s no longer in their twenties is already considered old, and the stereotype is that it would be next to impossible to get a job. While it might take longer for anyone in their 30s (or above) to find jobs in Tulsa, OK, there are several steps that one can take to get this snag out of the way.

Writing your Resume

Your resume will be your selling point, something that prospective employees will use to help them decide whether to let you on board or not. Thus, you have to make it stand out and highlight what makes you different and more valuable than the other applicants. If you had previous experience, this is the perfect opportunity to point out how you have contributed to your previous employer’s success; for instance, add bullet points noting that you have been able to streamline some processes or come up with a strategy which increased sales by a significant percentage.

Efficient Ways to find Great Jobs in Tulsa, OK: The Online Job Search

Tulsa might be Oklahoma’s largest city, but this is no guarantee that there are enough opportunities for all jobseekers out there. Indeed, the competition in the job market can be quite tough, whichever major city you choose to find work in. Nonetheless, people looking for excellent jobs in Tulsa, OK can always rely on the Internet for a boost in their chances. Here are some efficient online job search tips you can try for yourself:

Craft your Resume

Get acquainted with typing programs like Microsoft Word—they’ll be your best friend throughout your job search days, as you will need to prepare a good resume to present to your potential employers. Depending on your means of submission, you might be asked to print out your resume and mail or deliver it by hand, or employers might ask you to simply email it.

Seeking Tulsa Jobs? Temp Work Can Pave the Way to a Permanent Career

Some companies offering Tulsa, OK jobs rely only on third-party recruiters to find candidates for vacant positions. If your performance as a temp worker meets or exceeds their expectations, you could be offered a permanent, full time job. This is particularly true in the industrial setting, where specific skills are needed in company operations.

Under a temporary arrangement, you and the employer are given enough time and a unique opportunity to closely assess your suitability to each other. The employer can objectively evaluate your candidacy for a permanent position, while you can also weigh your level of satisfaction from the job and the company.

Why are There So Many Manufacturing and Industrial Jobs in Tulsa, OK?

“How did Tulsa cement itself as a major manufacturing hub? What influenced most jobs in Tulsa, OK to land in the industrial sector?

Oil and Planes

The oil rush had its own contribution in shaping America. Long before the state of Oklahoma was born, the Glenn Pool was discovered. Today, it’s a city 15 miles south of Tulsa; back in 1905, more than 120,000 barrels of black gold determined Tulsa’s destiny as an industrial economy. These reserves were easy to harvest using oil drilling equipment of the time.”

Companies Urged to Make Blue-Collar Tulsa Jobs a Thriving Gold Mine

“This is what the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, in coordination with various consulting agencies, found out in its workforce analysis report. Tulsa’s job market growth (4.2 percent) is slightly below both federal (4.6 percent) and state (4.7 percent) market growth. West Tulsa jobs saw the most growth between 2010 and 2013 at 9.9 percent.

Although unemployment rates continue to drop in many states including Oklahoma, experts see another problem. Most of the growing sectors include manufacturing, construction, and other blue-collar jobs, which is a given considering Tulsa’s manufacturing economy. Despite a strong outlook, however, most people either don’t have the right skillset or don’t like the job at all.”

More Available Jobs in Tulsa, OK as Chamber’s Future Program Advances

Even better, the program has greatly succeeded in attracting investors to the area. Some big-name examples that have been hooked are Verizon, which decided to place its financial services hub in Tulsa, and Macy’s, which is expected to bring in 1,500 full-time and part-time jobs by establishing a fulfillment center in the region by the end of the year. These are just the benefits of the new investors, as the plan also helps already settled businesses to grow, an effort that has borne fruit in the recent assistance of 77 local business expansions.

Needless to say, the additional jobs created by the chamber’s Future program are having an impressive effect on the local economy. Unemployment is down by 5.3% in the Tulsa area and the city is adding an average of 5,000 jobs a month. Much of this can be seen in the growth of infrastructure jobs in the area, but other fields like IT work and office staffing are seeing their own boom.